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leafCarol's Corner

March 25, 2011











Website under construction!

Welcome to my WebPage!

It lacks style, but at least it has content. It has links, even if they all don't go anywhere…

I am now officially older than dirt!

Retirement has now given me time to notice all the little aches and pains that I ignored for years. Fibromyalgia and Arthritis are now common foes.

I find that being active helps keep my fingers supple. Knitting Crocheting and Cooking keep me busy.

I am looking forward to using my little sandbox of a garden this summer, by growing mostly salad greens and herbs.

Look around and hopefully you will find something of interest.





copper art

Repousse repousse copper art by Kathryn Looby, Ottawa, Ontario.

Working in this art form allows her to express herself with each piece that she makes.








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